Save the Natural, Religious & Cultural Heritage “Karoonjhar Mountains” NangarParkar, Sindh

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 Karoonjhar Mountains are unique ancient museum of nature which is home animals, birds and several rare species including peacocks, deers etc. It’s the only source of soft water for human, birds, animals in NangarParker.  Karoonjhar is a civilisation and symbol of existence for local indigenous communicates, their cultural rituals, customs, traditions, folk lores, songs, tales and thousands of years religious harmony. Karoonjhar Mountains are equally sacred for Hindu community as Ganga or Sindhu as well as source of income for local people in the times of rain when thousands of tourists visits the place and it provides bread & butter to locals. 


Karoonjhar is now under threat because of corporations, using legal & illegal ways of cutting rapidly to sell the precious stones of the mountain with the help of Govt & influential local politicians. We demand “Karoonjhar” must be declared World Heritage site so that thousands years old culture and existence of life can be saved & preserved for today & future generations to come. Destroying Karoonjhar means destroying the eco system of not only Nangar Parkar but the world. 


May better sense prevail ��