Retain the Right to Burial of COVID-19 Victims of Religious Minorities in Sri Lanka

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The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) has cremated three victims of the COVID-19 of the religious minority (Muslims) so far against the will of the families of the deceased, the community, religiou, and political leaders representing the Muslim community, and against the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization [(WHO, 2020 )(]. It is totally against an established practice of Islamic way, which does not contradict the science of burial of virus-infected deceased,  and the Abrahamic religions followed by the Christians and the Jews too. Still the GOSL is adamant on the decision and continues the same as per its own circular amended on biased view while the WHO guideline clearly allows the burial of COVID-19 victims and despite the objection of the Muslim and the sympathizers from the Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu communities. [( (] Hence, it is GOSL's unacceptable behavior that violates the fundamental and the religious rights of humans whoever not willing their dead bodies to be cremated against their will and the practice from the religion. Therefore, it is herewith strongly proposed to be changed.

SMA Niyas

Former Member of the Northern Provincial Council

Chairman, International Institute for Research, Information and Action (IIRIA)



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This petition had 4,580 supporters

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