Protect UNESCO World Heritage Site, Socotra Archipelago.

Protect UNESCO World Heritage Site, Socotra Archipelago.

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Socotra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a peaceful nation with many tribes that collectively support a non-violent approach to conflict resolution within and amongst tribes. Because of this belief that dates back thousands of years, it is against their culture and practices to retaliate with violence. This has allowed for the island to be uninvolved throughout the many years of war and conflict on the mainland. That all changed Friday, May 1st, when blood was shed on the island due to conflict on the mainland for the first time in 50 years.

It is with a heavy heart that I make this plea for the Socotri people. They are in need of our help. Countless incidents have occurred throughout history where we look back and wonder how things got so bad before intervention occurred. Let us come together as a collective world where we have learned from past mistakes and implement early intervention before a larger number of lives are lost and before a culture and world treasure is lost forever. 

Current Events

On May 1, 2020 at 6:00am STC soldiers attempted to enter Hadibu by massive military force including guns and heavy artillery. The battle lasted from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM resulting in 1 death and 2 injuries. By 10:00 AM a treaty was signed between all parties and all parties retreated from Hadibu.

On May 2, 2020 a protest filling 20 streets in Hadibu was formed. The STC occupied the Governor's Office and removed the Yemeni flag, flying the STC flag in its place. Heavy gunfire ensued resulting in 10 injuries. 

Socotri STC soldiers were supplied with tanks, armored vehicles, and anti-aircraft weapons in which they had not been trained to use. When the Socotri people refused violent attacks against their brothers the STC replaced the local soldiers with 300 mercenaries brought in from Aden.

The Sheikhs of the tribes in the province of Socotra have confirmed their condemnation of the STC militias from outside the island after the sons of Socotra refused to fight among themselves.

Peace and tranquility represent the beautiful nation of Socotra. The island is built on a foundation of peace and the unique ecology and natural makeup of the land exudes a magnificent serenity, aligning perfectly with the culture of the tribal people. The tribes of Socotra, no matter which side they stand with, unite together as one family against violence. It is now more than ever that they need additional support from outside influences to help them combat this invasion of violence within their land. 

HEAR THEIR PLEA (shared by a local Socotri on facebook)

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful

An urgent message from Socotra!

From the elders and local leaders
From the women of Socotra
From the herders and fishermen
From the youth
From the local social, environmental, and tourism organizations

The friends of Socotra across the world
The United Nations organizations
The environmental and cultural organizations
The Security Council
The European Commission
The Islamic World Organization
The Arab League
All the free people of the world

As you know, Socotra is a world icon for natural and cultural heritage with unique peace and safety which rarely occurs in any other place on Earth. As you know, the people of Socotra are people of peace and coexistence, generosity, and humanity.

Today, we have been betrayed by those who we thought are our brothers and friends. They are threatening our peace, security, environment, and future. They brought us destruction and fear and allowed the influx of criminals who are coming to kill us and take over this unique jewel and transform its peace and safety to fear and destruction. We only have our manners and peacefulness with which to face them. We have little arms or means to defend our islands.
We call upon all those in the world who love Socotra to intervene and stop this unjust treatment by the external forces from KSA and UAE. We submit our complaint to the United Nations and the world and request:
• The establishment of a neutral committee from the United Nations to visit Socotra and assess the critical situation
• The immediate and unconditional removal of the foreign aggression forces and their military artillery
• The hand over of all the forces and arms seized by the illegal militia to the legitimate government of Yemen
• Kick out all mercenaries with were brought to the islands
• Enforce necessary measures to protect the natural and cultural heritage
• Compensate the people of Socotra for their hardship and allow them to rebuild their social fabric
• To establish a temporary mission of the UN to oversee the sustainable development of the islands
• Help Socotris to establish their independent administration under the supervision of the legitimate government in recognition of their unique culture
We send this call to the world and trust that we will find in you the friends we anticipate and hope you will not delay your efforts to rescue the islands from this historic ordeal for the sake of its people and environment.

The time to act is now! #istandwithsocotra Will you?

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