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Protect The Orangutans

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Orangutans are an iconic ape species but sadly like many other species they are in danger of going extinct. The ICUN lists the Orangutan as critically endangered. Their numbers are declining every day from a wide range of factories but mainly due to habitat loss.

Indonesia has a serious deforestation issue. The jungle is cleared often by burning in order to make way for palm plantations. Unfortunately, the Orangutans are just collateral damage. They either get caught up in the fire or they are left homeless. Either way, it is lose-lose for the magnificent apes. The numbers don't lie, the forest fires have destroyed over 80% of the Orangutans natural habitat. That has resulted in the death of over 1/3 of the entire population. And that's not even accounting for the hunters and the poachers.

Baby Orangutans are made orphans by palm farmers who consider them a pest and a threat to their business. On top of that poacher's murder legions of the adults in order to sell the babies on the black market. Many babies don't even survive long enough to be sold into slavery due to the rough method of transportation, human diseases, and the unsanitary conditions they are kept in.

In a little over a decade, there might not be an Orangutans left. Their homes are being burned down, forcing the apes to run towards desperate and confused villagers who often end up eating them. The Indonesian government needs to do something, they have been blinded by greed for far too long. They have put the interest of business over the lives of sentient beautiful creatures that are in desperate need of aid and protection. The Indonesian government must provide a sanctuary or relocate the Orangutans to a nature reserve before the population reaches a point of no return.  

Please sign and share, together we can save the Orangutans before it is too late. If we don't act now, future generations will only be able to see an Orangutan in a book or a museum.

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