Officially Declare Pakistan as a Terrorist State

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Ever since the birth of Pakistan, it has been creating a mess for all of its neighboring countries; be it Afghanistan, Iran or most importantly India.

A country that can't feed its own people due to lack of funds but always has money for Nuclear warheads and sponsoring terrorism.

A country where UN-designated terrorist lives lavishly and even try to fight elections.

A country which took billions of dollars from the United States to counter Terrorism but was a safe haven for the worlds most wanted terrorist as he was shielded by their own army.

A country that shields worlds well-known, terrorists ...

A country that is not safe for its citizens but its a heaven for Terrorists.

Its high time we realize the facts and stop doing the mistakes we have been doing for over 70 years.

India foolishly offered Pakistan the status of Most Favored Nation for over 20+ years, while in return we were backstabbed on multiple occasions.

America offered Pakistan a huge amount of money and weapons to counter Terrorism but instead, they shielded worlds most wanted, terrorists.

We need to take Actions, and the Action Begins here.

I request the Indian and American Governments along with the UN and UNSC to take these major steps.

Terrorism has to end.

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