More International Intervention in CPC Harming Hong Kong Autonomy Through Extradition Law

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Issuing a joint statement at the forum, Schona Jolly QC, chair of the BHRC, also joined Helena Kennedy QC, director of the London-based International Bar Association Human Rights Institute, in saying the government’s proposal is likely to create “real and serious risk” of human rights being violated if rendition is opened up to mainland China.

A group of prominent foreign lawyers has joined Hong Kong counterparts in calling for the city to immediately withdraw its controversial extradition bill because it poses a “serious risk of human rights violations” in mainland China.

‘China’s justice system has a record of arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment, serious violations of fair trial rights, enforced disappearances and various systems of incommunicado detention without trial. These problems are exacerbated because the Mainland judiciary lacks independence from the government and the Chinese Communist Party. As a result, we are gravely concerned that anyone extradited to China will be at risk of torture and other ill-treatment and other grave human rights violations.’

Critics say the new law will undermine the integrity of the city’s legal system, and usher in the end of Hong Kong’s(paywall) unique legal status.

The US has warned that the extradition law, if passed, could jeopardize the long-established special statusthat Washington affords Hong Kong.

Chris Patten, the last colonial-era governor of Hong Kong, has warned that the extradition law would be the “worst thing” to happen to the city(paywall) since the 1997 handover.