Justice for the 1984 Sikh genocide

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Simply, not enough people know about the 1984 Sikh genocide (Operation Blue Star) and the tragic events which subsequently took place, in which Sikhs were tortured, murdered and raped by the Punjab police. Jaswant Singh Khalra, similarly like Jagtar Singh Johal (who is still being tortured and detained wrongfully in India), was a human rights activist and was involved in investigating the cases of the illegal disappearances, murders and cremation of thousands of Sikhs carried out by Punjab Police following Operation Blue Star and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, which led him to find files containing the names, age and addresses of thousands of Sikhs who had been murdered by the Punjab Police. In 1995, Jaswant Singh Khalra was abducted and murdered by Punjab Police. As Ravi Singh (Humanitarian CEO at Khalsa Aid) mentioned, the United Nations and major international organisations should step into Punjab and carry out independent investigations to find out exactly what happened and give justice to the families who still do not know, whether their loved ones are still alive.

Sikhs will never forget what happened to us in the nineteen eighties and nineties, it still hurts and always will. The world needs to know what we went through, but nobody wants to talk about us. Sikhs are praised for feeding the world, providing relief to the homeless, globally assisting refugees but we remain unheard when we talk about the Sikh Genocide, advocate for our rights and fight for our freedom. One example of our people being constantly silenced for speaking up to the injustices of 1984 is British Sikh Jagtar (Jaggi) Singh Johal, who is being wrongfully held in prison and being tortured even though there is no evidence against him in order to prosecute him. Not enough action is being taken to release him despite the UK government being aware of this. 

36 years since the genocide and we still have not received the bare minimum of an apology by the government. The intergenerational trauma is still causing us suffering. Help us get justice by educating yourself and others around you. Spread awareness. Make sure to educate yourself from reliable websites, many over the internet are bias and criminalise Sikhs.

Justice delayed is justice denied.


#NeverForget1984 #FreeJaggiNow