Justice for Snowhite and Sons


Justice for Snowhite and Sons

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Started by Precious Chikwendu

This petition would help African women who have been denied a right to their children because they were married to or cohabited with a person of power. This petition would put an end to bullying and oppression from political spouses who have the power and means to oppress and frustrate their partners out of the lives of their growing children who need the love and care of both parents.

Precious Chikwendu, Miss United Nations 2014, cohabited with former minister of aviation of Nigeria, Femi Fani-Kayode who has a history of abusing women. She experienced severe mental and physical abuse for the period 6 years they were together. She was locked up in a mental home where she was injected with substances on the orders of Femi Fani-Kayode to enable him create a situation to take over her kids. Since Precious walked away on August 2nd 2020, she has not been allowed any form of access to her children.

She has been harassed, detained and intimidated using the Police and cooked up allegations and charges have been levied against her with the Police as the prosecution. She has written several petitions to the Police which have been ignored and those of her ex-partner are being responded to immediately without any investigation.

In December 2021, the former Minster disobeyed court orders to allow her access to her children. Several court suits to have access to her children through the Nigerian court system have been met with a road block as Precious still has no access to her kids who are all below the age of six. She has taken all legal steps as permitted by her country but the country has failed her as the former minister still walks around like a hero and free even with proofs of domestic violence, assault and battery.

Precious is seeking justice and custody of her children. This bill will help her bring her problem before the International community.

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This petition made change with 35,997 supporters!

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