Justice for Azerbaijan

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Today we witness the far-right, ultra-nationalistic organized Armenian lobby, particularly the Armenian National Committee of America, launch aggressive propaganda campaigns on social media, vilifying Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani people. The direct political intention is a manipulation of public opinion, in pursuance of white-washing the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia.

For over 27 years Armenia is holding 20% of Azerbaijan’s sovereign land under a Russia-backed military occupation.

These regions - Nagorno-Karabagh and seven surrounding districts with no previous Armenian claims to them - have been internationally, unequivocally recognized as a part of Azerbaijan. 800,000 Azerbaijani civilians had been evicted from their land as a result of this invasion, unable to return home for twenty-seven years. Azerbaijani cultural heritage – ancient buildings, places of worship, landmarks in Nagorno-Karabagh have been pillaged, demolished, and defaced with an aim to humiliate. An ancient mosque [photo in link] in the occupied Agdam region is one example – it has been turned into a barn and vandalized with graffiti in the Armenian language:

[CLICK] Agdam Mosque that has been converted to a stable for farm animals by Armenians.

Four UN Security Council resolutions (822, 853, 874 and 884 of 1993), the UN General Assembly resolution A/RES/48/114 and other GS resolutions have called for the “immediate complete and unconditional withdrawal of the occupying forces” from the territory of Azerbaijan. Needless to say, these resolutions have thus far not been implemented.

The international community largely stayed silent at the injustices the Azerbaijani people have suffered as a result of Armenia’s aggression and encroachment in the Caucasus, as the Azerbaijani people waited for a peaceful resolution of the conflict for nearly three decades.

As a result, the Azerbaijani community around the world is outraged at the unwillingness of the international community to categorically condemn Armenia’s occupation of Azerbaijan and their continuous aggression, which threatens the stability of the entire region. We are most disturbed by Russia’s mandate to invade Azerbaijan in the case of a full-blown war with Armenia, as Armenia is part of Russia’s military alliance - the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

The renewed military attack by Armenia on the Azerbaijani town of Tovuz on July 12,
2020 is a sobering reminder that Armenia’s provocations of war threaten Azerbaijan with a Russian invasion while maintaining 20% of Azerbaijan under occupation.

In addition, we ask that the UN recognizes the dangers posed by the Armenian far-right nationalistic propaganda, which attempts to justify their invasion of Azerbaijan with a pervasion of Armenian supremacy ideals in the Caucasus. This is outrageous and incomprehensible in the 21 st century and must be categorically condemned by the international community immediately.