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International Mediation to Guarantee Human Rights in Catalunya / Catalonia

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Catalan citizens have suffered attacks on their European Union civil and social rights since 1st October 2017. The disproportionate use of force used by the Spanish police along with the Spanish government and courts' refusal to acknowledge and discuss said violence could endanger Human Rights in Catalonia.

The fear that this is the beginning of a trend has motivated us to constitute this group, whose objectives, listed below, are aimed at preventing more police actions in Catalonia with use of disproportionate force, more cuts in civil and social rights, and more threats to human rights:

1- Call for international mediation between both parties according to the principles of "Peace, Dialogue and Agreement." This request will also be promoted through this LinkedIn group’s link:, the Facebook group's link: and the Indigogo Fundraising Campaign's link

2- Diffuse truthful information from reputable international media sources, such as the BBC, in order to tell the world what is happening in Catalonia in the most impartial and objective way possible.

3- Praise the peaceful behaviour shown by citizens from Catalunya and insist on the need to keep this peaceful behaviour consistent and everywhere.

4- Explain to the world that the collision between the alternative legislation approved by the Catalan Parliament and the current Spanish law in relation to exercising a vote does not, nor will it ever, justify the disproportionate use of police force that was seen in Catalonia on 1st October 2017. This violence has indeed been condemned by the European Commission with the following institutional statement: "Violence can never be a political instrument."

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