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Improve the working conditions of employees in developing countries

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People living in developing countries are forced to work in conditions that violate social justice principles and basic human rights. We can make a change in these workers lives by improving the conditions of where they work, giving them proper safety training and equipment, and improving their salaries so that they can escape the poverty that they live in. If the conditions of these sweatshops are improved, the economy of the developing country has a very good chance of improving and will put it on the path of becoming a developed one. Additionally, sweatshops are often the best option available in terms of pay, which is astounding considering that the average salary in these factories is 50 cents per hour. Did you know, most sweatshop facilities give their employees scripts for when a health inspector comes, requiring them to tell the inspector that they know were all of the emergency exits are, which are always kept locked, and explain to the inspector how they are treated well and paid fairly. If a worker decides to branch off from the script and reveal the truth, they are immediately terminated from the factory. An organization known as United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) has been working in university and college campuses all over the United States, campaigning to bring an end to unfair labor and bring justice to large corporations that utilize sweatshop labor.

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