#HumanRights Stop France From Testing #Covid19 IN Africa on Africans!

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Over the past 3 days April 3, 2020 onwards...Doctors in France publicly suggested that testing for Covid19 / Coronavirus Pandemic should be done in Africa, on "poor Africans" ! This is no where close to global responsibility, nor enacts morality or United Global Ethics. In fact it tells us the opposite...that Africa and Africans have no real value to Colonial Nations (despite the ongoing & historical removal and taxes of its natural resources & human equity). This is a biological war crime in its announcement and suggestion, and falls under the classification of Crimes Against Humanity. The World should not be okay to watch a repeat of generational traumatic history rooted in the slaughter and unvoluntary martyrdom, plus the overall lack of respect and value of Africans and Africa  repeat itself in 2020. The suggestion by these doctors, Jean-Paul Mira and Camille Locht is deeply appalling and sickening. Kindly Sign this Petition so your voice is counted and can speak for the millions of Africans that are not even aware this discussion is being had. I implore you to Sign this Petition and SPEAK UP for ALL HUMANITY and stop this atrocious narrative BEFORE it becomes an irreversible and unnecessary fact in our history. Imagine our grandchildren still having to read that in 2020 we stood by and watched a Biological Crime Against Persons of African Descent (or Anywhere) just happen?! Humanity is HUMANempathy. #Humanity #Empathy #Rights #SayNoToCovid19WarCrimes