International attention to state sponsored violence against students protesting over CAA

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On December 15, 2019, the country witnessed a brutal attack by the Delhi Police, which is under Central government towards peacefully protesting university students. Students were protesting democratically against the Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the parliament, which goes against the fundamental rights assured by the Constitution.
Based on media reports and witnesses, police entered University campus without any permission or provocation and started beating students fatally, threw tear gas shells even inside the library. There are visuals of policemen holding pistol during the action. It was male cops who maltreated female students also. There were some men with the police, in civil dress, with helmet and stick assaulting students.
All these points out to clear violation of human rights done by the police, which is meant to protect people. As the people who are responsible for these actions are in power and they deliberately needed such violence to happen all over the country in order to institute their Nazi agenda, we are seeking international attention towards this problem. Express your solidarity towards the protests by signing this petition to bring the issue in front of the international community before the Central Government Reddening the streets.