Free the Muslim Uyghur's from Chinese Concentration Camps

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The United Nations was made after the Second World War in the wake of the Holocaust to prevent another situation that was so detrimental and scarring to our history from ever happening again. Human Rights were adopted by the organization in 1948 and includes the right to Religion, which the Nazis has tried to strip those of the Jewish faith of. Now it’s happening again; the Chinese government has targeted a Turk-minority group, The Uyghur Muslim’s, along with others. and has placed them in what can be compared to Concentration Camps to “re-educate” but one reality it’s plans are to strip these Muslims of their Traditions, and Cultural Identities.  Many of these people were doing regular things like worshipping at a Mosque, wearing beards, or even obtaining a passport. While China is not killing these people, they are using them for free labour, as well as committing a genocide against their culture and religion. 
These people have done nothing but express their individuality, and were imprisoned and had this taken away from them; please sign this petition and have it brought up to the United Nations and other significant human rights groups so these people will no longer be stripped of the basic human rights they are Entitled to.