Free ISIS Yazidi Sex Slaves

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As we speak, Yazidi women are being violated. Little girls.

Simply because these girls follow a certain religion, ISIS militants are kidnapping them from their homes and using them as sex slaves, gifts and wives to their own soldiers. They are seen as nothing but a product, merchandise. Like pets.

How would you - the reader - feel if you were stripped of everything that meant something to you. Stripped of your dignity. It is a disgusting violation of our universal human rights that is being unseen by the majority of the population.

We need to take the fight directly to the United Nations Human Rights Council. With enough support, we can show both the United Nations and the Yazidis themselves that we genuinely care for their wellbeing. 

I urge you to sign this petition. One minute of your time will save a Yazidi from years of sexual violation, rape and torture.