Save The Wilderness

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Today, we humans have all the necessities available at our disposal, from vehicles to luxurious homes, from electricity to all the modernized gadgets, from softest tissue papers to elite handbags. We have come a long way making our lives easy and developing the world in the best of capabilities. But, in this approach, have we forgot that we co-existed with flora and fauna? The resources we have used from Mother Nature to better our lives are now at stake or becoming extinct. The fact we are forgetting here, is that the wilderness (which is just 35% left now) doesn’t need us; it will decease, as the way it is vanishing; it is us who are dependent on it, we can’t get away from co-existence.

We need to question ourselves that whether this development that we are always striving for, makes us humane? Do we have enough reasons to slash a single tree that it will better us? Have we thought adequately that any specie will get extinct due to an action and the way it will impact our lives? We have always outwitted ourselves, and this time we need to think about the nature. We will have to explore more natural alternatives like renewable energy resources, wind energy, solar energy or hydropower, high use of ecofriendly products etc.

Our petition is to save this 35% of wilderness and banning the cut of trees which, in turn is going to benefit us, humans.