Lebanon, Beirut: Eliminate engines emitting gas & diesel pollution

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Lebanon is one of the most polluated country in the world with 10,452 km2 only. Fathers, mothers, kids are dying from cancer caused by cars,buses,factories. The Lebanese government is silent and not carring of its citizens. Pollution by the transportation sector is causing a bad smell, cancer, unpleasant view, black and white smoke covering all of Lebanon espacially Beirut area. We need help from civilised advanced countries to help us fight against this, it is causing stress and familes are losing their loved ones because the laws are not being implimented. Help us make Lebanon GREEN! Our flag holds in its center the Cedar tree, that was used in the bible many times. Yet the population is so broke that it is not being able to fix their car engines and some simply not carring. The government has never taken any action to preserve Lebanon's beauty and nature. Help us..