Ending the Korean War: A Petition to the United Nations

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The Korean War began June 25, 1950 and, although combat ended July 27, 1953, an outdated armistice has perpetuated a state of war on the Peninsula to this day. This war that killed millions of soldiers and civilians over a period of three years and left the Korean Peninsula utterly devastated, continues politically as a result of an armistice signed sixty-seven years ago. In the history of modern civilization, no war has lasted more than a half-century after a ceasefire. This represents an unnecessary failure on the part of humanity—we believe—to develop, practice and promote peaceful coexistence.

Due to the unprecedented military confrontation that has centered around the Demilitarized Zone on the 38th parallel, more than two million Korean youths, with enormous government backing, are compelled by the insecurity in the region to serve in their military. To make matters worse, North Korea’s all-in stance for nuclear weapons and ICBMs has been threatening to drag the Peninsula back into a vortex of competition amongst superpowers. Amidst such ever-increasing armament regimes, brothers and sisters, divided by politics and diplomatic missteps of past generations, continually aim bullets at each other, preventing hundreds of thousands of relatives from ever sharing the same space and homes again.  

As a Korean proverb says, “The one who has tied a knot must untie it.” It is time to begin a transition from 70 years of war hostility to final closure and peace on the 70th anniversary of the Armistice Agreement. We urge Korean War Veterans who fought in the war and all global citizens to sign the petition calling for the United Nations, with the support of major powers around the Korean Peninsula (US, China, Japan, and Russia), to convene a “UN Korean Peace Settlement Conference to End the War.”

What we owe to this unresolved tragedy of the last century is to officially end the war, so that parties officially responsible for the Armistice can enter into the next steps toward the establishment of the peace regime in the Korean Peninsula. 

Go to endkoreanwar.org for more information.