Death from Smog in Mongolia #HumanRights

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#Notice: There's a city in Asia that is slowly dying from a preventable issue. That issue is #smog.

Every winter the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, is enveloped in highly toxic coal smoke and smog. This is not about the number of vehicles in the city. Moscow has millions of vehicles, they don't have this problem. This is about families and people trying to keep themselves warm in -30C weather and burning the cheapest and most affordable coal while slowly dying themselves and harming others. The city of Ulaanbaatar is where half of the nation lives in and they are all dying because apparently we don't have a right to fresh air. We see this as a Human Rights Violation propagated by our own #Government & #Parliament members who have failed to solve this issue for years and years.

As a citizen of Mongolia and a resident of Ulaanbaatar, I beseech you to push the #Mongolian #Government into action and rid the Mongolian people of this horrible situation.

Best regards,
B. Bat-Enkh