CHINA should be held accountable for this Pandemic

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The Asian Flu in 1956 killed between one to four million people worldwide. SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2002 infected 8,098 and killed 774 in seventeen countries. H7N9 emerged in 2013 to strike at least 1,622 and killed around 620 people. And now the more infectious COVID-19 has sickened more than 17,09,000 people from around 190 countries with 1,03,000 deaths and still counting.

The People’s Republic of China has always maintained its position as a leader in Global Exports, be it the consumer goods and electronics or some ‘deadly virus’ having the potential to wipe out the human race from this globe in just a matter of few months. The Chinese people have always tried to improve the quality of products which they are exporting and they always come with something innovative and creative as they cannot afford to disappoint the world from its ‘Made in China’ goods. And today they came up with the best of their product and have successfully exported it to around 190 countries and that too at a phenomenal speed.

South Central China is a noted ‘mixing vessel’ for viruses as there are lot of livestock farming particularly poultry and pigs, with limited sanitation and proper hygienic conditions. Farmers often bring their livestock to ‘wet markets’ where they come into contact with all sorts of exotic animals. The various birds, mammals and reptiles host viruses that can jump species and rapidly mutate, even potentially infecting humans. Now here, I am not saying that the virus was prepared in Wuhan Institute of Virology, as its closest relative is a ‘bat virus’ found in a cave in 2013 in Yunnan, China which is 1,000 miles from Wuhan; but yes it’s a fact that the first recorded cases for the disease in mid-November 2019 were not miles away from this Virology laboratory.

It was the prime duty of the Communist Dictators of China to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of deadly virus to other nations. China’s suppression of crucial information about COVID-19 is a violation of its International Health Regulations (IHR), and being a member state of the WHO its duty was to inform WHO about the virus outbreak within 24 hours of determining its nature. But it was busy hiding the information and even taking legal action against the physician Li Wenliang, who first tried to warn the world about this possible outbreak; as if China was waiting for its dispersion around the world.

Now talking in the terms of Global Economics it could be easily seen that Shanghai Composite Index (SCE) has seen a mere fall of 5% from its peak, whereas the global average of major Indices comes out to be -28.56% out of fear of recession, and with Indian Indices averaging to be -19.65%. The Chinese Fund Houses are accumulating all the major hammered stocks across the globe at the cheapest rates possible and even emerging as the largest suppliers of drugs, masks and other essentials to the world. When the world is facing its biggest lockdown, and millions of daily wage earners are forced to starve to death, the cities of China are again gaining their pace and almost all the major industrial units have been started again.

Now, it may sound absurd to most of the people reading this, that at such a time when we all should be praying and stand united as one, against this pandemic, why are we to sign this petition. But my friends it must be brought to your knowledge that this is not the first time when the world has paid the price for such Chinese Blunders and if not taught a proper lesson, we should be ready for another global threat coming after few years from our fellow Chinese friends (it may sound racist, but my liberal friends should look for the facts themselves and not close their eyes towards such a situation, just for the sake of not accusing someone).

The Chinese dictators must be held accountable for this outbreak, which could have been controlled by them at the early stage. China must pay reparations to the highly injured states over its failure to promptly notify WHO about the situation. The International Court of Justice must intervene in the matter and irrespective of how much powerful the state of China is, proper legal actions and measures should be taken against them so as to avoid such future threats.

Lastly, as an active and aware netizen it becomes our prime responsibility that rather than just scrolling our WhatsApp messages and Instagram posts, we must unite and speak up against the irresponsible approach of these rich and powerful states who have ‘dominated the world politics’ and feel that they can get away with anything just because they share the maximum power in United Nations.