Ban Assault Weapons Worldwide!

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A few days or weeks ago, there was a shooting in Canada that killed what is speculated to be 22 people. In response, Canada banned the sale of assault guns. I think it is urgent and necessary to ban all assault guns worldwide, or at least put heavy restrictions on it. Every day, people are suffering the consequences of people getting their hands on assault weapons.

These weapons were made to kill. The Parkland shooting would not have happened if the gunner had a sports rifle. The L.A. shooter would not be able to kill so many people if he had a revolver. You can't use assault weapons to hunt unless you want a squishy piece of meat, not target practice either, but they are, sadly, amazing at mass murder.

This makes even more sense when you consider nowadays they are getting deadlier and deadlier and made more for the military. The military needs these guns to protect people from a country. If a person intending murder has a military-grade weapon, then innocents die at a quicker rate. 

These guns have the capability to fire 30 rounds nonstop. It only takes one bullet to potentially kill someone. Combined with too much accessibility and you get a ton of dead bodies. They are made to end lives, so why make them so accessible?

In conclusion, I think assault weapons should be banned or at least put very heavy restrictions on them. They kill people and are made to do that. I hope you can agree with this and sign the petition.