Internet for Iran - Free Iran

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  • Iranians inside of the country are fighting for their freedom. The government has shutdown the internet not letting any news get out and killing protesters. I’m reading from some news channels that dozen have been killed but the truth is hundreds have been killed and no one knows the real number of casualties. 
    we need everyone in the world to show support for Iranians that are dying just to get their rights. 
    let’s not allow all those lives that are gone be for nothing! Sign this petition to get the attention of world leaders and United Nations to come to help Iranians that are being oppressed and killed by this regime. This is no longer about internet it’s about 100s and maybe even 1000s who being killed in silence since the government has shutdown the access to internet. This uprising is Not only for gas prices this was just another reason for people to show they’re not happy with current government and looking for change and now it’s time to help them!