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United Health Care Health Plan of Nevada: Stop denying out of network, life-saving care to patients.

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Amaris Hayden is an English professor at the College of Southern Nevada and the mother of a 17-year-old son. She has devoted her life to helping and nurturing others. Today, she lies dying in a hospital bed because her insurer, United Healthcare, is refusing treatment to save her life.

In the late 90s, Amaris discovered that she suffered from a rare and terminal disease that required a transplant for both lungs. After two transplants, she was able to finish college and graduate school, become a professor of English and raise a son to near adulthood. Tragedy struck recently, though, when her body began rejecting the donated lungs. She has spent the last few weeks dying in a hospital in Las Vegas, hoping that bureaucrats at United Healthcare of Nevada will relent and finally allow her the life-saving care she so desperately needs.

Amaris needs to be transferred from the hospital she is at in Nevada, where she teaches, to the University of Washington Transplant Ward in Seattle. If she isn’t transferred soon, she will die. But United Healthcare is refusing the transfer, because UW is out of network. No hospitals that are in network can give Amaris the treatment she needs.

Is this was people work for? Is this the American dream? During life and death situations, hardworking Americans are left with a never-ending insurance bureaucracy that seems intent to kill you before doctors can treat you? No one deserves to have some paper-pusher decide whether or not he/she has the right to live. This is absolutely criminal. Everyone should know about Amaris’ story, because her story could become the story of any one of us.

Please send complaints via Twitter. United Health Care's Their handle is @myUHC and make sure you use the hashtag #SAVEAMARIS. Let them have it.

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