Stop Sponsoring Bowmar Fitness

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In recent days, you may have heard that fitness guru and hunter Josh Bowmar traveled to Alberta, where he killed a black bear using a 7 ft spear (after baiting it with garbage and food). In that sickening video, Josh Bowmar is seen taking particular pleasure in the blood and gore left behind by the bear, who staggered off with a terrible wound and wasn't found until the next day. In other hunting videos, Josh Bowmar can be seen rejoicing in the way his arrow severed the head of a turkey he shot at close range and posing with the corpses of threatened and vulnerable species he killed for "sport."

Josh and Sarah, of Bowmar Fitness, have left a massive trail of evidence that the only thing they enjoy more than pumping iron is killing animals. They are both incredibly focused on their outer appearances and Under Armour is one of their corporate sponsors.

Regardless of their impressive fitness techniques, Under Armour needs to drop their sponsorship of Bowmar Fitness immediately. In video after video, these two showed a sickening pleasure in the suffering and death of the animals they hunted (usually for fun). It is disgraceful for a company like Under Armour to be associated with Josh Bowmar and his fitness and hunting businesses.

Please join me in asking Under Armour to do the right thing as an ethical corporation and completely eliminate its business relationship with Josh Bowmar, Sarah Bowmar, and Bowmar Fitness. We are grateful to Under Armour completing this action expeditiously and reassuring the public that they are no longer affiliated in any way with the Bowmars.

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