Make the Amazon rainforest a UN protected area before it's too late

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The Amazon rainforest has been neglected by the Brazilian govornment for too long. The deforestation is ever increacing and wildfires are spreading and becoming more frequent. The govornment of Brazil refuses to accept the financial or other forms of help from the international community. To stop our planet from dying, something has to be done. In my opinion, the best possible option is to put the rainforest under the governance of the United Nations. It is far too important to be taken care of by a single govornment (which isn't doing much). The fires in the forest are threatening to destroy entire species, one of out main sources of oxygen and exterminate the natives living in the area, by which the Brazilian govornment is indirectly commiting genocide. The whole world is in danger. By doing this, we can stop the exploatation of it's resources and the destruction of it's wildlife. If we lose the Amazon rainforest we will be on the brink of destruction. Sign this petition to save our planet and make it a better place for the future generations.