Justice for Mrs Salome Abuh and others killed in cold blood during Kogi election 2019

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The situation during the elections in Kogi was worrisome, tense atmosphere riddled with fear and terror felt by various citizens who were faced with electoral intimidation, violence and killings as the case may be in the state.

Mrs Salome Abuh was a victim, a prominent female politician who was burnt to death by rampaging political thugs in Ochadamu, Ofu LGA of Kogi State on Monday 18th November, 2019 in a post election mayhem, as the fire rages on, it was said her shout for help was echoing until her voice fades till it was heard no more. The violence that marred the state’s gubernatorial election on Saturday has not been fully doused even after the announcement of results by INEC. The politician’s remains, which were burnt beyond recognition was taken to a hospital. A house belonging to Mr. Yakubu Ogwu was also looted and burnt in Ochadamu. killings were recorded in Dekina, Lokoja, Iyetoro, Ankpa and other places and arrests have not been made yet

The violence in Kogi State, also claimed the lives of two persons, Umoru Shuaib and Faruk Suleiman, at Barracks Polling Unit in Abocho Community, in Dekina Local Area. Their killers came in a bus while voting was taking place and were in police uniform. So, they didn’t suspect anything. Shuaib had voted and was chatting with Suleiman close to the poling unit it was said, when the bus drove by. None of the occupants alighted from the vehicle, but all they could hear were gunshots and shouts from the victims, as well as onlookers. And in the ensuing pandemonium, the attackers drove off leaving behind destruction.