Let the Ukrainian Language be supported by Amazon (kindle, ebooks)

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Ukrainian is surprisingly not among the languages supported by Amazon for digital publications.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) already accepts e-books written in many languages. Yet Ukrainian is NOT supported for e-books to be available for reading on Kindle (devices or app)  or compatible e-readers and tablets...!

This affects about 45 millions Ukrainian-speaking people around the world.

This PETITION aims at encouraging or persuading AMAZON to consider commencing supporting UKRAINIAN because:

  • UNICODE character set allows the correct and perfect displaying of Ukrainian text on e-Readers, including the few the accents (verified on Kindle e-readers by us petitioners!)
  • We cannot purchase our favorite Ukrainian writers' books even though they are very much willing to sell e-books.
    I know all of my favorite modern Ukrainian writers ARE willing to sell e-books, but Amazon won't let them, because our language is not on the supported list!
  • Some languages that are much harder to support - non-Latin, some left-to-right languages - are already in Beta stage on Kindle and are supported for e-books. Supporting Ukrainian should be not just flipping a switch, but close to that in terms of complexity; it needs rather good will than an effort.