UK Parliament to suspend supply of rioting apparatus to the US

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Currently the UK is seen to be endorsing the political disarray in the US following the murder of George Floyd. As US President, Donald Trump, advocates for violent action as a means to mitigate any further destruction, the UK have a part to play by supplying the US with British tear gas, rubber bullets and riot shields

These apparatus are most likely to be used against civil rights protests and thus illustrate an infringement on the fundamental rights of US citizens. 

At its core, this petition seeks to protect the human rights of US citizens and strongly advocates against the UK's contribution and acts to remain complicit with the ongoing political turmoil in the US.

This petition seeks to suspend such exportation and condemn Trump's management of the current Black Lives Matter movement protests. 

This petition stands WITH the movement and champions Black lives irrevocably and wholeheartedly. Anyone who signs this petition acknowledges the need for Britain to detach itself from silencing a movement that seeks to speak out against discrimination and racism. 

#BlackLivesMatter #InSolidarity.