Stop tool theft from vans: create a specific offence of theft from a commercial vehicle

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Calls to stop Van Theft

Local trades people are calling for action to stop tool theft from vans, which is an increasing problem.

Theft from commercial vehicles has a huge impact on tradespeople and small businesses in Reading. Not only is there a high cost in time and money to replace tools and to fix the damage caused, it stops people being able to work, leading to loss of earnings and huge financial impacts.

A Home Office Research Study states that the average cost of theft from a commercial vehicle and contents compared to a domestic vehicle and contents is double.

Despite this there is no separate crime theft from a commercial vehicle, creating a new offence of theft from a commercial vehicle could help to deter this crime.

Local carpenters Micky Leng, Mark Russell and other trades people are campaigning for parliament to change the law to ensure that this carries a sentence which is proportionate to the cost which includes: replacements; repairing damage; business disruption; customer reimbursement and compensation.

Micky Leng says “So many of us have had our vans broken into and it has a massive impact on our work.  There needs to be a stronger deterrent so people’s work isn’t affected.  I hope everyone will sign our petition and get behind the campaign”

Whitley Councillor and Reading West Labour Parliamentary candidate is backing the campaign.  She added “With vehicle theft on the rise, it particularly affects van drivers – whether self employed or small businesses, I fully support the campaign and I’ll be working to help it succeed”

This campaign pushes for action soon but if it doesn't happen Rachel has pledged to aim to bring legislation through a private members bill if she is elected.

We the undersigned, ask that the Government of the day, make the theft from a commercial vehicle a specific crime.