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STOP FAILING OUR CHILDREN More Beds For Adolescent Mental Health. #wecaresherry

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#wecaresherry   "Standing In The Gap".

With failing mental health services in the UK, over 200 children aged between just 1019 committed suicide in 2016. Children as young as 10 are being refused NHS support in the UK due to a shortage of mental health This means the number of children will continue to rise. 

One child's life you could save right now is Sherry's. This is Sherry's story. 

Sherry is just 17 years of age. Sherry suffers from ADHD and Bipolar, she has suffered on and off in her young life with mental health issues but Sherry is now in desperate need of a long term psychiatric bed. This young vulnerable girl has been failed by mental health services in the UK for a long time but no more than the last 3 weeks. At the tender age of just 15, Sherry was admitted into a Priory Hospital, where she spent 9 months being treated for Anorexia. While being admitted the hospital failed to complete their inventory check meaning that Sherry was able to take the glass from a make up mirror into hospital. She was also placed in a room with a tv meaning she had means to hang herself with cables which she did.

Now in just a few short weeks, Sherry has been in and out of hospital but in the last 10 days she has attempted suicide 9 times, she has also been seen by 18 'professionals' who have discharged her. This team of professionals includes a psychiatrist. In this 10 day window she cut herself over and over again to the point her wounds were so deep that it went into her muscle. Sherry inflicted this harm on each arm and each leg, yet she was deemed fit to go home by the hospital!! 
She told the psychiatrist, "my name is Sherry and I have a story, that I took my own life, I've known it for a long time, and I will do it". 
Such chilling words to come from such a young lady, those words were then played out again when she then took all of her prescribed medication in front of her youth support worker and ended up in critical care for two days while she fitted as her body was trying to cope with the dose she took. 
We then hoped and prayed as she gained strength that she would be detained under the mental health act but NO she was again released from hospital and sent home with no care other than from her loving parents. Her parents Andi and Chris have done everything above and beyond to help Sherry, even down to removing sharp objects from the house so she couldn't hurt herself but again on Wednesday 15th November 2017, Sherry left the house and within 15 minutes an ambulance and police were at the top of their street. Heartbroken once again Andi & Chris just knew instantly that it was Sherry, she had again cut her self over then tried to get on to the train tracks to end her life. Thankfully, a member of the public saw her and called the police. They acted with extreme speed, if they hadn't she wouldn't be alive today and her 'story' would have come true Sherry is thankfully FOR NOW, currently sectioned for 28 days while under assessment but they can release her after that. This again will probably be to lack of adolescent mental health beds. If she is again discharged she will continue to do what she does until she succeeds with what she currently wants to do and that is end her life.

BUT..This is not just about sherry it's about all the youngsters who suffer with mental health problems.
God forbid if Sherry had achieved " her story " who would of taken responsibility for her death? It wouldn't of been any of those 18 professionals.

Please help us get this petition noticed by signing & standing in the gap with us for a loved child with mental health. Please share with everyone and anyone you know so we can start to help save our next generations lives!! 

Thank you. 


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