Make Fathers For Justice Monitored and Accountable

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When Fathers for Justice was created, it was a support network for fathers who were denied parental access through no fault of their own. 

However, Matthew O’Connor is now using that platform to bully and harass young women into feeling suicidal. 
He relentlessly pursued Kerry Katona, posting defamatory remarks, even accusing her of “killing her late husband and father of her child”. 
  Mostly recently he also began a vicious campaign against Caroline Flack, bombarding her with abuse and affecting her mental health to such extremities that sadly she took her own life. 

Fathers for Justice has received political support in the past, making it the third highest supported campaign. Whilst I and the signatories believe in shared parenting. Which also believe that this should not be achieved through relentless and unprovoked bullying of people just because they are female. 

We respectfully ask that Parliament hold Fathers for Justice accountable and ensure that their focus is on their campaign aims and not on sexist, belittling and abusive behaviour towards women.