Tinnitus...its time for a cure and better treatments

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TINNITUS. This one word which probably does not mean a lot to many people is a very debilitating condition that approximately affects over 50 million Americans, over 5 million Britons, and if we were to account for the rest of the world we are looking into almost a billion people worldwide who suffer from this life changing condition. Not everyone is affected in the same way by it. Approximately 10% of the Tinnitus sufferers have chronic Tinnitus from which there is no escape. It is a sound that we can hear when no external sound is present, in short it means the end of SILENCEImagine a life without silence? Imagine hearing high pitched sounds 24*7!

We live in this world which is becoming increasingly more dependant on the use of headphones, attending concerts, working in loud environments, tinnitus can be just round the corner for anyone anytime. It can come in anyone’s life at any point in time even through use of antibiotics, old age and acoustic trauma. Our soldiers who protect our countries from threats are the most affected with this condition and yet we have nothing to support them or treat them. Some people have taken such drastic approaches by taking harmful medications to ease or stop tinnitus but everyone has failed. No cure or FDA approved medications exists to DATE.

The financial consequences of tinnitus are significant. Personal economic loss to an individual with tinnitus--including lost earnings, productivity, and health expenses-can be up to $30,000 annually. The cost to society as a whole has been estimated at upwards of $26 billion annually. [ATA]

Global efforts towards solving this menace is imperative and must be encouraged. And yet, at the same time, we need to have 21st century techniques and therapeutics to tackle this menace. We don’t simply use mathematical data analysis of the effects of stress, sound therapy, etc to show that these are beneficial and pass that off as quality tinnitus research. This kind of research has no THERAPEUTIC value and is a vestige of 80s and 90s era research. We should encourage some quality therapeutics based research using 21st century techniques i.e. cochlear hair cell regeneration, acoustic neuromodulation, rTMS which can actually help to alleviate this condition rather than just encourage acceptance. There are therapies to help you manage the condition like Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Cognitve Behavioural Therapy etc but there is no therapeutic approach that can effectively reduce or cure this condition indefinitely and the worst scenarios is our medical professionals that most of them have no knowledge or understanding of this condition. However, the fact is that suicidal thoughts and even incidence of suicide is not uncommon amongst those who suffer from Chronic Tinnitus. Clearly, hearing health has become a major CRISIS and conditions like tinnitus are on the rise more than ever before.

I am trying to raise awareness for tinnitus worldwide this petition is not for those who suffer but it is for everyone else too. I have suffered for nearly 30 years with this condition, but over the last two years it has gotten far worse. I have lived with it for this long. However, in the 21st century we don’t expect ENTs and the medical professionals to tell us to go and live with it; sorry but its not as easy as that. This is a serious condition and is not to be taken lightly it can shatter ones dreams, their futures, destroy social life, relationships and the list goes on and on i have experienced and read the same myself as I belong to many of the support groups on Facebook.

Governments, worldwide organisations need to fund more into research as to this day forward we have not ONE single effective medication or treatment for this debilitating life changing condition and its just unacceptable. It has taken people's lives, has made people disabled to work and to enjoy a social life or a LIFE as we all know it; and yet the governments don't recognise it as a disability. I know many who have it are living happily with it I did as well for nearly 28 years but tinnitus doesn't stop there it can get worse and can really have a serious impact on one's life in many ways that are unimaginable.

Its time for a cure...NOW. Millions worldwide left disconnected from life and family they don't speak as they have isolated themselves but we need to unite and we need to get our message heard everywhere in this world so please sign this petition share it on your Facebook, Twitter accounts spread it where ever you can as even though you don't have tinnitus it can come in your life one day too it can take away a loved one too, it can destroy the life you once had, disable you from work and the list goes on and on so PLEASE I urge everyone to please help me get this message out there as if we do nothing then nothing will happen its a challenge indeed and its a difficult one but I believe nothing is impossible in the world there is a solution to every problem we just got to find it.

Thank you so much for reading it’s really appreciated and I trust you will all do what is necessary to get this petition in the hands of the people and organisations that can make a real change in this world and may we all get SILENCE back in our lives again!

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