Improve accessibility for disabled people in the UK across multiple areas

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3 weeks ago my friend who is also in a wheelchair like myself went to an event at Heaton park called Parklife he and 6 out of the 7 friends he went with were turned away /had to leave upon arrival due to the levels of mud and being unable to access the platform. A similar experience happened to me and my uncle the week after at the same venue but for a different event which was The Courteeners  we arrived in good time and were trying to get in for around 3 hours because of being sent to different entrances and at one stage we were told to go home by the stewards because there was no disabled access when there clearly was. When we finally got inside we encountered what can only be described as a mudbath that we had to get through to get to our seats with hardly any help from stewards and only help from fellow gig goers on the way out, the whole experience was quite dangerous really and dampened our enjoyment of the event to a degree. This is just one in a long line of issues people like ourselves with disabilities have had to endure throughout our lives really due to lack of provisions and care and attention in place across many different areas within accessibility, such as gigs/festivals pubs/clubs or buildings not being accessible and being charged more for transport such as a taxi just because we require an accessible vehicle. I believe it should be made compulsory for every building or event to have adequate permanent or temporary provisions in place such as ramps to help solve various issues like this. I will continue to fight for equality across areas like the issues outlined above and with your help we can make a difference.I would like to ask if you could take the time to sign the petition below and share the hell out of it to friends and friends of friends etc and help make a difference to people’s lives who already have a lot larger issues to deal with! Lets see what happens cheers!