Fair flight prices for people who work in schools and families with children in schools

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People who work in schools and in education can only take holidays during the school holidays (Christmas, Summer, etc) otherwise they won't get paid. This is the same for families who's children are in schools, where the families will get fined instead. However, the problem with this is that when these people can take holidays, airline companies decide to triple or sometimes quadruple the prices for airline travel!

The reason why this is a problem is the fact that, unless the family is rich and has a lot of extra money, they can't go on holidays because of the rise in airline prices at these times

People who work in education have the same problem. Many who work in education don't have the largest of salaries (teachers assistants, school cleaners, etc) so they can't afford these massive rises in price! This means that because they have decided to spend time teaching children (a very important job), they get punished because of these absurd price rises!

The aim of this petition is to put some type of discount or something along the lines of this so that these families and people can be treated fairly