Deport Tommy Robinson to Japan and start Operation Skraeling (Execute Order 79)

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Tommy Robinson also known as Stephen Lennon is a Far Right activist who is known for Racist and Liberphobic Hate Speech.


If he commits a Crime again, don't put him back to Prison, how about you kick him out to Japan instead?


My target city for him is Tokyo.


If his Supporters were upset about that, kick them out to there too or even to Russia or the US.


If you want to Know about Operation Skraeling, i'll tell you what it is. Operation Skraeling or Order 79 is total and complete Deportation and expulsion of Far Right Supporters with the help of Japan and South Korea which was named after an Old Norse Word for Native Americans of unknown origin since the Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by the Vikings. The True Skraelings are Those who support Tommy Robinson and others who are associated with the Far Right. 


I'll tell you what Liberphobia Is. Liberphobia Is a Fear of Liberals, Liberalism, Liberal Democracy, Liberal Policies, Freedom and Progressiveness. Its Adjective is Liberphobic and the person who has that fear is a Liberphobe that Tommy Robinson and his Supporters are the true examples. Please accept my words Liberphobia, Liberphobic and Liberphobe.