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Ban the use of anti-bird spikes on trees and other natural areas

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Today I saw a new low on how we treat wildlife ... spikes in trees.

So birds aren't allowed to perch in trees anymore? 

We already take up so much land as it is for development. We are destroying habitats and forcing wildlife to live side by side with us, in an urban environment. For some birds and animals, they have nowhere left to go and small nature pockets, trees and green spaces are all they have.

Jeff Knot, the RSPB’s head of nature policy, said: “Nature is in trouble and needs our help more than ever. In fact, the recent State of Nature report highlights that more than half of all wildlife in the UK has declined over the past 40 years. Instead of looking at ways we can force nature into an ever smaller space, we should look at how we can live alongside wildlife and help give it a home in our villages, towns and cities.”

Trees should also be protected from damage in this way. Regardless of their positioning, banging nails and fixing metal onto branches cannot be any good for the tree. 

I understand that bird spikes might be necessary in some areas of towns, above pavements etc but trees are part of the natural world and wildlife deserve to have them. 

There are so many benefits to trees and wildlife living alongside us too. Namely having green spaces in an otherwise industrial area, sights that some would never get to see if they live and work in a town. 

If none of that has persuaded you, what about their appearance? Surely, many would agree they are an eyesore?

We should all learn to live side by side with wildlife, not make it harder for them to survive. Reasons like 'there is bird poo on my car' does not give anybody the right to attach spikes in trees. Look around the problem, park somewhere else, buy a car cover or erect a shelter. But leave the trees and its inhabitants alone. 


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