All schools must show Jesy Nelson Odd One Out - Anti-bullying

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Bullying in all forms is a major problem in the uk and has a devastating impact on individuals, friends and their families across the country. The Jesy Nelson BBC documentary Odd One Out documents this impact in a very touching way. This must be a requirement to be shown in schools and colleges and discussed with young adults. This can help tackle the problem and make everyone think before making hurtful comments either in person or by social media or physically harming another person. This will help to reduce mental health Issues in young people and prevent them taking their own lives. Teachers taking on the subject is not enough they need to show this documentary so people can see the impact even the smallest of words can have. They may not think by making these comments they are bullying but they are part of the problem. The use of this documentary means Her words can speak on behalf of those that feel they have no voice.