Cancel GCSE and A-level exams 2021

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Dear Prime Minister,

Due to the closure of schools across the UK over COVID-19, year 10 and 12 students are going to miss out on being taught up to half of their courses, which they are expected to learn for themselves at home with little to no support from teachers. This loss of teaching will have a serious impact on their ability to access the exams they are going to have to take next year.

The government has already decided that cancelling the 2020 series of exams for current year 11 and 13 students is an appropriate solution given the circumstances and give them grades predicted by their teachers who know them and their abilities. I think that it would only be fair to do the same for year 10 and 12 students as they are going to miss out on the same amount of learning as year 11 and 13 students and are therefore equally affected.

As different schools teach the GCSE and A-level courses in different ways and cover topics at different times, students from different schools will miss out on the teaching of different topics from each other, which would put certain students at a significant disadvantage in their exams as topics they haven't covered but others have may come up. Therefore, I believe that in order to make it fair for students set to take their exams in 2021, assessments should take place within centres on the content that they have been able to cover and teachers should give students grades based on these internal assessments.

I believe this is the only fair way to examine the GCSEs and A-levels in 2021 and think that this actually more harsh than what is happening for current year 11 and 13 students as their grades will be based mostly on predicted grades and not concrete exam results from internal exams.

Thank you.