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Let's revive the Islamic feminist revolution?

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Let's Start Talking Of Muslim Women's Rights And Roles In Islam?

Sign my petition?  So we can reform how Islam is being taught to people at grassroots level. What is taught. And ensure that we expel 'Tribalism'  a twisted edited version of Islam being taught by families and communities, which is being stripped of the feminist agenda and huge rights it gives women.  As well as get more Muslim women empowered and economically independent.  

Why? So we can ensure society everywhere is re-calibrated and expelled of hate and Islamaphobia.  As well as stop and prevent those seeking to turn towards a tribalist, sexist evil ideology that does not reflect the peaceful Islam and inspiring messages of philanthropy, compassion, equality, feminism - all of which do exist in the Qu'ran.  

The AMC Petition - World Islam Day, - Mission by 9 March 2018

Sign the AMC Petition to support my idea so that by 9 March 2018 the following starts to happen:

1. Make it mandatory for all Islamic centres, Muslim schools, mosques and UK school syllabus must contain the vast array of feminist educational, economic, matrimonial rights given in Qu'ran and the history of women who inspire Islam and helped Prophet Muhammed PBUH - is proactively taught every time someone wants to learn or is taught Islam.

2. Demand more female mentors and empowered women from grassroots are involved within UK British Muslim establishment and that we hear their voices.  'Equality for All' must mean just that. And no more 'All Male Panels' at Islamic conferences, decision making policies. 

3. Produce a cool, easy to read, colourful infographic PDF poster that can be printed off to show:

*       All the educational and financial rights and allowances given to Muslim women in the Holy Koran.

*       The part played by Muslim women in the 7th century to help Prophet Muhammed (PBUH*) establish Islam – such as his wives: R.A.H* Khadija, highly educated Ayesha and countless other Muslim women.

*       The array of powerful rights designed to protect women from physical, financial abuse, mentioned in the Koran, which Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) introduced via Islam in 7th century Arab peninsula.

4. Urge the Muslim mosques, circles, charities, Sheikhs, Imams, think tanks, media outlets, personalities, celebrities, banks, public speakers of (or on) Islam - to join hands with me to help include/display/ promote this infographic as part of social media.  So it encourages critical thinking 'ijtihad'.  So that it appears in every religious education syllabus, literature, website, Islamic wills and marriage contracts, platforms, TV channel and online content which has been specifically designed for, or to target Muslims. That way it reaches adults and kids via classes, schools, universities, circles, community halls across the world etc.

5.  Urge the UK Education Secretary, faith leaders such as Pope Francis, Archbishop Of Canterbury, Dalai Lama, teachers, faith leaders of churches, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras, inter-faith, women’s groups - to join in and help this petition become a global movement.  

6. Start a global campaign to get more Muslim women access to their economic, land and property rights. 

7. Help change the existing British mosque infrastructure of 1,700 buildings to become dynamic spaces for Muslim communities, youth and women as well as non-Muslims to engage in more pro-actively in a more visionary and inspiring way.  

8. This petition also aims to stop Islamaphobia.  By reforming the education of Islam to bad Muslims and anti-Muslim sentiment.  An add-on. I am even willing to invite Rupert Murdoch, Bill Maher and Fox News to stop Islamophobic sentiment by asking they reform their ideas of Islam. How? Have a cup of British tea with me and discuss these infographics - nicely.  I will personally and happily give them a walk through - with the help of reknown academics of Islam. My personal choices are Reza Aslan, Tariq Ramadan or Karen Armstrong (yikes - let's hope they say yes!). 

Please sign now, if like me you - Muslim, non-Muslim, agnostic, or atheist want to see such change happen?

Why do we need this petition?

Many Muslim women like me who grew up in ghettoised bubbles in UK were not taught about all the good feminist rights in Qu'ran. And how it is a religion of peace. 

We need to rescue every Muslim girl and boy fed lies and 'tribalism' and bad traditions. Who are being failed by their community or backward family infrastructure that is unable to support them. 

If the petition is successful, anyone suffering from tribalism or 'Isis lite' as I call it - might just stop and think. And think twice. And stand up for women. 

To help flush out and expose the tacit abuse that continues behind British doors by some diaspora who continue undertaking non-Islamic practice bad ancient traditions - e.g. passing property rights solely to men, 'slut shaming'.


Why AMC?

'AMC' is the initials of my late father Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury. A passionate advocate for the education of Muslim women. He educated me but he never told me about my financial rights. Despite this he did what he could. Today my entire community (imo) distorts the Qu-ran, edits Islam and refuses to allow women to control, inherit or create wealth as Islam dictates. 

Who am I?

My name is Yasmin Choudhury. I am a proud British Muslim woman who was born in London.  I have Bangladesh heritage. And am a social entrepreneur busy working to change the fortunes of everyday grassroots folks in developing world.  I am an independent minded woman.  But I was not always like this - as I was once kept subjugated as a result of sexism and evil underhand means employed by the pious fake Muslim men in my family. Thank goodness I woke up. As I almost left Islam but having re-read the truth in the Qu'ran I can see that I was lied to. 

Today I call on all good people to join me. Hold my hands,  Help me? Muslim or non-Muslim.  Enough is enough - help Muslim women like me start a feminist revolution. But not by reforming Islam - no.  Please let me explain.  Islam does not need reform. Qu'ran does not need reform. We simply want the world to know the real truth that bad Muslims with power, an patriarchal agenda, voice and money desperately hide.  How the Qu'ran does protect women - yet many Muslims today have forgotten or neglect that message.  And women like me are not taught the huge rights given to women.   

(You can read more about my own horrific personal story on my website here. And of the punishment meted out to me.   And why I am waging a war on tribalism or ISIS-LITE as I call it - the diaspora who promote misogyny and the abuse of women by fusing/editing religion with bad, wicked cultural tradition and rituals).

Evidence Of Rights In Qu'ran

In my opinion the Qu’ran addresses many of the issues affecting protection and empowerment of women in a crucial chapter Sura Al-Nisa (The Women) with instructions for men to provide women with 'Mahr' dowry (4:4), economic rights of female inheritance (4:11), and how men must always provide for women which is why they end up receiving double that of a woman’s share of inheritance (4:34). As for gender equality this to me is referred to in Sura Al-Imran (3:195) - 'Their Lord responded to them: “I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female — you are equal to one another/you are of one another."

I want to raise awareness of the rights given in Islam (being kept hidden by families like mine) via the Holy Qu'ran to Muslim women. All Muslims must be proactively taught the history of our famous women in Islam. And that we women cannot be stripped of our array of rights: Education, economic empowerment, permission needed from us of the man we marry.  If we got all this as Islam says - I believe could change society overnight because then 1.5 billion women can recalibrate society - globally leading to a feminist revolution in Islam. And the slow removal of evil patriarchy that rules and infests via groups like Isis and other death cult groups. 

Your signature helps me outlaw inequality, male primogeniture and subjugation of a woman's financial, educational and economic freedom. Such practices which were banned by Islam in the 7th century yet hidden by many communities in 21st century.  Financial liberation of Muslim women was a key right given in 7th century Arabia. Yet today, this side of the Holy Qu'ran is neglected and overlooked by many Muslims and non-Muslims today. And instead many women I know wear hijab but are clueless about their array of rights under Islam. I know as I used to be one. 

The Holy Qu'ran (the transcribed text between Prophet Muhammed PBUH and Allah on guidance given to humanity in 7th century Arabia) instructs that a woman must be allowed to gain and create her own wealth. She can earn income, must be given a gift upon marriage, receive a myriad of allowances and is guaranteed a share of many of her deceased male relative's wealth and in some cases her deceased female relative.

Despite Islam's brave attempts to ban tribal patriarchy, misogyny and gender inequality - un-Islamic abuse of Muslim women still exists. It also stops many women like me from finding out that in Islam - a Muslim woman's personal wealth should be hers alone; never to be controlled. 

Photo you see in the header photo shows me wearing hijab (note: I choose not to wear it). I did wear hijab that day out of respect for all the girl pupils I met being taught at the school my father set up in a remote village in Bangladesh.  Alas my dad was never told the entire truth about Islamic women and rights.  He died having tried to do what he could for Muslim women. And today I want to go further. 

In getting your signature, I think it might just help empower more Muslim women. So they are not subjugated. Or financially oppressed. The AMC Petition could also eradicate fear and hate of Islam. And stop my faith from being hijacked. And allow more women to help fellow Muslims in crisis.

The petition is being launched ahead of World Islam Day (WID), which I am told on Wiki is 9 March 2016  And of International Woman's Day Sunday 8 March 2016. 

More info about the day and how my petition plans to launch the hashtag #WID is at As well as a podcast and post I am bringing out soon to share my honour abuse experience on my website

Thanks for reading


Yasmin Choudhury





The graphics I created show proof of ALL the financial help, rights and allowances a Muslim woman has been given - as listed in the Qu'ran. 

Educational & Financial:

My research shows that there are at least 17 potential income streams/allowances/alms - which can be grouped into five main categories as follows:

1. Mahr (wedding gift) to the bride FROM the groom;

2. Inheritance - A Guaranteed Share Of  (every time one of 12 types of relatives die);

3. Private Wealth (Assets, Property, Business Share, Income/Earnings) which cannot be touched by any man or woman (except for when women donate the necessary 'Zakat', annual charitable donation based on a unisex percentage charged on wealth that exceeds a common threshold - even then it is only for those in need or the poor);

4. Mahram Maintenance. Food, clothes, education, shelter allowance provided by closest male relative  (e.g. father, husband, brother);

5. Alms & Social benefits (open to any qualifying eligible Muslim man and woman). These include Zakat which is compulsory charity on the wealthy of at least 2.5% once a threshold is crossed. Sadaqah, a voluntary charity payment given if she is eligible as 'Fuqara' (the very destitute/poor) or the 'Masakeen' (the needy - persons who suddenly find themselves financially stricken).

I was never taught this. And I grew up in a devout Muslim family. Moreover I attempted to ask many Muslim Imams, scholars, lawyers, Shariah experts, women's charities, think tanks, mosques to check my research or support me. I got not reply. Or am ignored.  This proves how endemic the problem is. 

History Of Women In Islam:

This link also shows my research of the various female historical figures in ancient Islam I had little knowledge of.  I found at least seven (RAH Ayesha, Khadijah, Hafsah, Fatima, Sumayya, Umm Salama, Hajra). Their stories of bravery, intellect and campaign on rights is astonishing.

I was never taught this. And I grew up in a devout Muslim family.



None of the information I share is new.  It can all be found referenced in the Qu'ran.  I tried to get help from many Muslim scholars, lawyers, Shariah Councils and institutions to check my research - but no luck.  Many are volunteer run or simply decided my project was not of interest. Or when asked, ignored me.  In itself this is a story. Anyhow. This document was created on Microsoft Powerpoint. (I am no graphic designer!). 

I suspect that much of the information is fragmented and hidden or geared on hijab/niqab - because the rights the Koran gives Muslim women could be a game-changer. After all knowledge is power?

If all Muslim women (even 50% of the 1.6 billion we hear about – that’s 800 million) truly knew or were reminded of their rights in Koran, then surely the society we know, has huge potential for change? And for those Muslim women being financially oppressed, abused by her husband or family – surely this info might give her the chance to stand up and state to their oppressor that the Holy Qu'ran says otherwise.  You see no Muslim man or woman would ever dare to reject the Qu'ran.  At the very least they may even think twice about controlling a woman financially or abusing her.  

“In the population as a whole, young women are more likely to go to university than young men," wrote James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph Executive Editor, Politics. "But among British Muslims, the pattern is reversed, with three Muslim boys going on to higher education for every two women. Equalising those numbers would send another 50,000 Muslim women university”. 

James you are spot on. Read his full article published on 13 February 2015 here.


I urge Education Secretary, faith leaders, the funded think tanks, organisations, institutions and spokespeople of or on Islam – who often fail to help make Islamic women's rights information mainstream as their focus is on countering Jihadists and radicalised Muslims. Voices many Muslims and non-Muslims rely on when they come seeking content or info.


I also include vocal public media speakers such as Irshad Manji, Sara Khan and Maajid Nawaaz who claim they want to reform Muslims/Islam. Yet no mention of any of any of this. Even Myriam Francois-Cerrah v Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (she's the author of 'Refuse The Veil') spoke on hijab but no mention by either of them of female rights.  I struggle as to why none of these voices do not actively discuss the female rights in Islam?

I invite the Islamic mass media preachers such as Dr Zakir Naik, Ajmal Masroor and British Dawah (preacher) lads with social media channels to sign and share this petition. To the umbrellas bodies that represent Muslims in UK such as the Muslim Council of Britain and all Sharia Councils in UK.  And the Islamic TV channels.

You all have a voice. I don’t. You can all relay this quicker then I ever could. So why please do so?

Finally. Come on Bill Maher, Rupert Murdoch and Fox News. Given you comment a lot on Islam - how about spreading good news about some of the rights women were given - none of which existed in USA or Australia in the 7th century.  



The AMC Petition is used to support of to help unite us all (Muslims & non-Muslims) in a positive way. Please visit the site for more info. 


Twitter: @peaceWID

Facebook: Peace World Islam Day

To find out more on my own personal journey in attempting to get my Islamic inheritance, my connection to my late father and the people of Bangladesh, look out for the podcast coming soon via the website called MYiY (Miss YasminISYasmin)


Update Aug 2015 : My own educated pious 'Muslim' family have punished me for daring to ask why they force fed me lies based on an edited & stripped down version of Islam. They refuse to answer why they chose to lie about and hide female rights listed in the Qu'ran. Since launching this petition I have been punished, isolated, 'slut' shamed, and denied property rights due to me.  For example I had a charity research base in Bangladesh which in April 2015 my British Bangladesh family flew to Bangladesh to destroy and loot.  Then they returned to London to kick me out of my family home.  I was made homeless during Ramadan 2015 while I was fasting - and just before Eid.    Welcome to what I am coining is 'Tribalism'.

Video coming soon on this page where I talk more about how I need your help to stop miseducation of Muslim girls, boys, women and men.  We must stop bad backward communities teaching a diluted and edited version of Islam stripped of human rights and its feminist agenda. 



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