Ban disposable plastic bottles in Kenya

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In case you haven't seen the news recently, we have been informed that we have eleven years until the ecological breakdown becomes irreversible.

Eleven years.

This means your children will never go to university, they will never get married, we will never have the life that you have.

I have noticed the shocking amount of bus drivers and pedestrians throwing plastic bottles onto the ground, contributing to the already serious amount of pollution in Kenya.

Think about it - how long do you keep a plastic bottle with you? Chances are you throw it away once you're done with it, right?

Now think about the reusable plastic bottles - I have had mine for quite a number years.

You may be wondering 'Why we can't just keep these disposable plastic bottles?'. Well believe it or not - these bottles actually expire. The water inside these bottles becomes contaminated with the chemicals from the bottle, which causes the water to become toxic and unfit for consumption.

To replace these plastic bottles, I would like the prices of safe and reusable plastic bottles to be lower, so that everyone can afford a bottle and we can leave the disposable bottles in the past. We need water dispensers available in airports and supermarkets which charge you based on the amount of water you've used.

For soft drinks we can return to glass bottles which must be returned.

These last much longer and are most sustainable than the single-use plastic bottles.


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