Stop looting students in the name of examination fees.

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Dear students, as a fellow student and more importantly as your batch mate. I'd like to share my concerns regarding the recent decisions made by the SRMIST, Ramapuram administration. 

The decision on the present academic fee structure and the exploitery nature of it, reflects most of my concerns. For the present 4th year batch,  they asked the students to give Rs. 5000 each for Major Project assistance with all the materials required for the final submission paper. But they aren't providing enough material and they've bluntly admitted that they won't provide anything for the final model. If we take a closer look into this, we are paying 15000 for one project as there are three members in a single batch. So, why are we paying 15000 for it if we won't be getting sufficient project materials and then we have to make a model on our own. I feel it's only valid that we ask them of that. Then we also have to pay for the final paper and for that too, each batch has to pay a sum ranging from 8-10k. I don't know how it works or is justified.

Secondly, for all of our seven previous semesters. The maximum exam fee that we paid varied largely between Rs. 2000-3000. Now, for most of the departments, we only have the Major Project as our only subject for this 8th semester. But, to the contrary, they have decided to charge us Rs. 4075 as examination fee to be paid. I,ve also seen some evidence that in KTR campus they've charged only Rs 100 as examination fee that too as breakage fee. 

So, I've decided to raise my voice against this. And I expect you to join in along with me. I feel we share the same pain. This is utter madness.I feel disheartened with such an immoral act by our campus authorities. They've turned the education system into a money making system. I want all of you to join hands and sign this petition to let them know that such cheap triumphs by the authorities will not be accepted by the final year students just because we are passing out in 3 months time. We can't let them loot us just for the sake of being afraid of any administrative action against us that could ruin our academic careers. I want them to know we won't accept it. We'll fight for what's right. Give me 500 signs so we can get this through to the higher authorities and get us justice. Share it to as many students as you can. This is for all of us.