Petition to cancel the Champions League

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In my humble opinion, this year's Champions League edition should be cancelled immediately. Because of the mass cheating done by Real Madrid, the competition is under threat of becoming a meme. Just last Wednesday, we all saw how they blatantly cheated during extra time. This cheating has caused a lot of pain and suffering - I had trouble breathing after Real Madrid cheated. They bought the referee. I can feel it in my bones. 

What should be done (in my humble opinion):

1. Real Madrid should be stripped of 4 Champions League titles at the very least - In 1960, they got a cheap penalty; in 2014, Bale elbowed Godin as Ramos headed the winner in; in 2016, they scored an offside goal in the final; in 2017, they robbed Bayern at the Bernabeu; and just now, they've robbed Juventus at the very end. 

2. Real Madrid should be fined at least 100m euros + 25m euros to victims of pain and suffering

3. Barcelona (mes que un club) should receive an apology from president Florentino Perez

4. Open investigation on allegations of Real Madrid using hot balls in the draws. 


I urge you to let UEFA realize that this is unfair to their customers that have been loyal to them for years. Tell UEFA to punish Real Madrid for their treacherous acts. Please sign this petition and make a difference.