UEA: Compensate Your Students

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Dear Vice Chancellor David Richardson,

Students pay UEA £9,250 per year, expecting to receive a full education. Thousands of students will not receive this across yet another four weeks of strikes.

University education is a service which we pay for. As students, we agreed to a contract to pay more than £9,000 (up to £31,000 for international students) to receive an education with lectures, seminars and one-to-one tuition. 

We will not receive this pre-agreed level of education. Instead, there will be 14 days of cancelled lectures and contact hours across four weeks. It is unreasonable that we should pay the full price without the full service.


Above all, the following month is a crucial stage of preparation for dissertations, essays and exams. Students will suffer. 

Excessive pressure is applied to us in this last leg. Losing the fundamental expectation of lecturer support has forced a new weight upon our shoulders. This support from lecturers is irreplaceable for our dissertations, exams and essays. It will hurt our degrees, which is a priceless loss. 

You have asked that students write individual formal complaints if severely affected. Thousands will be severely affected. The students who will suffer the most are the ones who will not have the time or ability to go through formal complaints. This is unjust.


In the past, we have had to accept the loss, but this is the fourth time in three years. 

During the past three strikes, the University has offered substitutes to our education, consisting of counselling sessions and study resources.  Each time, these substitutes left us without the education which we paid for.


Lastly, we support the affected lecturers and staff.

It is worrying that pay has lagged behind whilst teaching hours have gone up, lecture theatres have filled up and workload has increased. We support them, and the support for this petition will increase the pressure to resolve the nationwide dispute.


University education is a service which we pay for, and it is unreasonable to pay the full price without the full service. The loss of classes to support us in such a crucial month will be devastating to student health, and will hurt our degrees. We, as UEA students and customers, request that our tuition fees during this strike period be paid back. 

You are one of the few decision-makers with the ability to compensate your students. We have placed trust in our University to deliver a world class-education, and implore you to do what is just. 


Kazim Chaudri, Ben Bownass, Lucy Hampshire and Tim Humphreys

On behalf of all students of UEA


Please sign and share to request compensation for UEA students. We will all make this the first time that UEA students do not pay for strikes.