Uber: Penalise your drivers for refusing service to guide dogs of people with disabilities

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Recently, my friend’s blind dad was denied a ride by an Uber driver because of his guide dog. Apparently, it’s very common for people with disabilities who need the constant assistance of their guide dogs to be refused service by Uber drivers. I’m outraged at the insensitivity and I’m calling on Uber to penalise its drivers for refusing service to people with disabilities.

He had to call another Uber and hope that the driver will let him get on because he has no other option. It’s unfair that people with disabilities have to struggle with something as basic as calling a taxi because the drivers aren’t following the rules. 

Uber policies state that drivers cannot say no to riders with assistance dogs. But these policies aren’t protecting people with disabilities on the ground. Uber must take stronger actions to stop discrimination against people with disability. They need to educate their drivers about the policy as part of their training and send them regular reminders.

Please sign and share the petition to call on Uber to make their app more inclusive of people with disability.