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Petition: Congressman Steve King "We the People" call for your resignation

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I recently read an article that states Steve King thinks dog fighting should be legal. While I do not know if this is actually how the congressman feels, I do believe this is disturbing for a congressman to say. Does he attend dog fights and is afraid of being caught and thrown in jail on a felony charge for contributing to animal cruelty, so now he wants it legalized? It truly takes a monster to want innocent animals with no voice, or choice, to fight for human entertainment. Saying it should be legal because humans are allowed to fight is the equivalent of saying a dog should get a job and pay taxes. If the Congressman feels this way, he is a danger to society and animals alike, and should in no way be allowed to make decisions on behalf of any human being. Perhaps he should rethink his disgusting, sick way of perceiving all animals and their fighting for entertainment, or dismiss himself from office. We the people who are the voice for these animals are on this and we will demand his resignation of he tries to legalize dog fighting. Remind the Congressman the FBI has now deemed animal abuse and neglect as a felony comparable to rape and murder. We have no problem protesting this man or any other and making his life a living hell. Although he has tried to explain his statements away, he has made his stance and ignorance perfectly clear to those of us who work so hard to change animal abuse laws and ensure the safety of those with no voice. We will not have our hard word undermined by any corrupt politician and not fight back.

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