Make Pet Medications more affordable by fair competition. Pass bill HR 5472

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Pet owners should have the right to choose where they purchase their pet medications. Since the start, pet medications have been dispensed by veterinary doctors at the price that they desire, and pet owners often do not have the chance to check prices at other pharmacies even when they offer a substantial discount on the exact same product. All common medications including heartworm prevention, pain relief, and antibiotics are sold by big-box retailers at a reasonable price.

If this bill (HR 5472 Fairness to Pet owners) is passed, it would ensure that every pet owner would be given a prescription without them asking for it from the doctor. The current law is that the pet owner must request the doctor to provide them a prescription, but it results into doctors asking you tons of questions about where you buy them from and convincing patients to buy from them directly. This act will allow pet owners to shop around saving them time and money while keeping their pet healthy.

Back Story:

I took my dog for a routine check-up at the vet and I was advised to give him his regular heartworm prevention medication. I checked the price with the veterinary pharmacy and even after having a veterinary insurance gold plan($45/month) with them it was still 30% more expensive with the discount from my insurance than what the other online pharmacies were offering. After checking prices online, I asked my doctor to provide me with a prescription for the same. To my surprise, I was blasted with questions about where I was going to fill the prescription and that other pharmacies are not trusted, and they are not sure if they can dispense safely. After all this, I was still adamant on filling the prescription somewhere else and they gave me the prescription. After I placed an order online, I had two options to either mail them the prescription or they could call the vet and get the prescription. I chose both the options and to my surprise after 3 days I received an email from the pharmacy that after multiple attempts to reach out to my doctor they did not receive any response from the doctor. I still got the medication since I mailed them my physical prescription but after a week-long wait.

Signing this petition would make sure that others do not go through this trouble and get their prescriptions without having to request it and at a fair price.

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