Every restaurant in the US should allow customers to bring a container for to go food!

Every restaurant in the US should allow customers to bring a container for to go food!

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Facts you need to know:

China has made a law to stop taking on our recyclable plastics by 2020, they used to buy more then half of it. Now there is so much recyclable plastic that the recycle companies don’t know what to do with all of it, so they have even stopped separating the paper from the plastics and are just burying it in landfill!  The US doesn’t have an idea what to do with the rest of the recyclable plastics and soon trash that we throw in the recycling bin will be for NO reason! ♻️In states like Tennessee, Florida, and Pennsylvania, cities are reportedly sending newspapers, cans, and bottles to landfills, while others are burning their waste instead. As the treasurer of California put it, “We are in a crisis moment in the recycling movement right now.”

The Coral Reefs are dying. By the 2030s, 90% of reefs are expected to be at risk from both human activities and climate change; by 2050, it is predicted that all coral reefs will be in danger. � � If you were hoping to scuba dive this summer to get a view of some beautiful colorful coral reefs like the ones we all saw in Finding Nemo... you can’t anymore almost anywhere you go they are all black and white and dying.

All the beaches that we know and love are being infested with sharks because they can’t find fish to feed on due to the coral reefs dying. � “Shark attacks doubled in 20 years in highly populated areas” says Fox News, recently.

Remember the impressive, majestic, strong, white and beautiful Polar Bears who walked over this endless ice and landscapes ❄️  that we all saw on TV � or books � when we were little? Well it hasn’t even been 20 years later and there are already dozens of polar bears dirty and starving � looking for food on a dump station! � imagine your future generations living in a world where polar bears are extinct�

As of 2006, the United States produces 236 million tons of waste annually.
Japan produces around 52.36 million tons of trash every year. 
Italy produces around 29.74 million tons of waste annually. What does that tell you about us? It is embarrassing. 

Turtles are dying from plastic straws getting stuck inside their nose. � �  and whales are being washed up on shore! 

HOW CAN WE HELP STOP THIS? � ✋    As the world grows so does the amount of garbage the world produces. On the go lifestyles require easily disposible products; like plastic wrapped cheeseburgers, to go bags, burrito bowls and to-go soda cups.   Restaurants should be required to allow anyone to bring their own container to hold their to-go food thus reducing more waste that our planet can not afford. 

From leftover food and packaging and even old kitchen supplies, the food industry produces a lot of waste. Restaurants and fast food chains will find that reducing the amount of waste and letting people bring their own container will have a big impact on our environment and also their waste disposal costs.                                                             It’s important for restaurants to make that connection to reducing their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly by letting restaurant patrons bring in their own glass or plastic containers to the restaurant. And of course, each restaurant should be allowed to apply their own rules, when it comes to their customers ordering inside to give them their containers beforehand, instead of ordering over the phone or thru a window

I’ve been to a few restaurants and so have friends in other city’s around America and most fast food chains will not allow you to bring a container to hold your burger and fries etc. that’s why we need a LAW requiring all restaurant and fast food chains to allow this.

This very simple and small change can eliminate a huge chunk of the trash we don’t know what to do with! So what are we doing to our planet? If we don’t change something soon humans will end up like the polar bears, our beautiful landscapes will all be filled with trash and WILDLIFE will be GONE before we even realize it! So please do the world a favor and SHARE & SIGN THIS PETITION. Make a change. Be a voice.

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