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End daylight savings time

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End daylight savings time (DST) - What more can I say!

Numerous articles for and against ending this outdated practice have been written.  The vast majority of articles share the positive reasons to abolish DST; reasons include decreased confusion, health benefits, etc.  A very few articles share why DST should be kept; all of the reasons I have seen are based on certain industries wanting to keep/enjoy extra money they get from DST practices (evening summer BBQ's, purchase of more convenience store items, etc.).  

Please read up if you have questions.  There are ZERO compelling reasons to keep DST!  States can individually change (like Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and others have done) but it makes it difficult for that state.  This should be done across the U.S.

I would much rather set conference appointments and travel without first checking local time of my intended destination.  Less sleep disruption in the spring and fall would also be great!

If anyone knows a better way to get this in the national spotlight please share.  I'm 55 years old and it has bugged me my whole life.  Let's do this!

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