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Stop the Mass Killings of Innocent Deer in Maryland National Parks

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From December in to March, the National Park Services intends to carry out a mass killing of innocent deer at Antietam National Battlefield, Monocacy National Battlefield, and Catoctin Mountain Park. The killings are to be carried out using sharpshooters supplied by the United States Department of Agriculture. Last year, this genocide killed more than 600 deer within these three parks.

Deer are gentle, peaceful animals, and there are viable alternatives to this senseless killing. Megan Nortrup from the National Park Services was quoted by the Herald Mail in saying "And, efforts to reduce deer impacts, like new fencing and plastic tree tubes around saplings, can impact the visual quality of the landscape." By making this statement, Nortrup admitted that non-lethal alternatives were available, but landscape vanity is more important to the NPS than the lives of innocent deer. Relocation is another avenue which could be utilized, but the NPS has failed to address this option.

Lethal force should never be utilized against humans or animals when other viable alternatives exist. Tell the NPS that we the people do not support this genocide.

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