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Stop Common Core, Testing, & Data Collection of our students

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Common Core is an unproven, expensive, educational experiment on our children.  We do not agree with, nor do we support the increased use of Standardized Testing on our children. We are strongly against the violation of children's personal data through the government and third party corporations.


~Common Core is NOT a State-led initiative.  They were created by a group of leaders and corporations who stand to profit from having a monopoly on education, Standardized Testing, and our student’s personal information. 

~Common Core is used as blackmail for States to receive federal funding for Education through Race To The Top and/or to get No Child Left Behind waivers.  These are tax dollars that we, as citizens, have paid, and our taxes are being used to force States to comply.

~Our Governor agreed to the Common Core Standards before they were even written. 

~Common Core Standards take away the rights of the State and local School Boards to educate our children.  

~The Common Core Standards are NOT internationally benchmarked, as advertised.  In fact, two of the Education professors on the creating board refused to approve or sign their name on these lower standards for English and Math because they felt that the Standards were not appropriate.  

~These standards are developmentally inappropriate for children in elementary grades and they are weak in the higher grades.  They are especially harmful to children with special needs.

~Not every State is complying with Common Core.  Parents, Educators, Elected Officials across the country are questioning the validity, true purpose, and the huge cost of implementing Common Core.  Tennessee should be so wise, and should research and give citizens the opportunity to vote upon Common Core before mandating it upon our children.

~Common Core textbooks, software, and standardized testing are a hugely profitable business, and a monopoly has been created through Common Core.  Pearson Publishing Company currently owns most of the major textbook companies, and is also a creator and distributor of the Standardized Tests. 

~Corporations stand to profit monumentally through the collection of children's data through Common Core.  

~The FERPA law that used to protect children's personal information was changed by the current administration without Congressional approval.  Now, it is legal for student information to be shared with corporations and organizations who are “contracted” with the government.  This "data mining" of our children's private information is unacceptable and is a violation of their right to privacy.  Furthermore, it violates parental rights to protect our children. 

~The "problem" of education in the USA is not the problem we we are misled to believe.  Data has been manipulated to show a crisis, and corporations are demanding educational reform to fix it, when, in truth, it will only profit their pocketbooks and not our children.  The fact is: American students are out-performing other nations when compared to students socio-economically.  

The very real problem in America is poverty, and these inappropriate Common Core Standards will not address nor help the real issue of children growing up in poverty in the USA.   In fact, it will make it worse.  Our educational dollars and time are being wasted on this unproven, mandated Common Core program when our tax dollars and energy could be used toward PROVEN ways to help students including:  smaller class sizes, PreK for every child, health clinics in schools, well-stocked and staffed libraries in every school, vocational training, curriculum that has been thoroughly piloted, and voluntarily implementing high standards that have been shown to work (like Massachusetts had).

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